in 1980's

Hell Comes To Frogtown

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where radiation has sterilised most of the human race and also created a race of mutant frog people, Roddy “Rowdy” Piper plays ‘Hell’- a surviving drifter who is one of the rare fertile men left on the planet. He’s picked up by a female-led government faction charged with repopulating the human race, and forced to sign a contract to have sex with and fertilise as many women as possible- for humanity’s sake! (I realise that…

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in 1930's

Buster Crabbe: Buck Rogers in 1939

Gee Golly Gosh Buster Crabbe was a babe back in his day! The 1930’s actor & Olympic gold medalist swimmer was the only actor to star as each of the top three pulp heroes of his time- Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Tarzan. Considering my recent obsession with everything related to Buck Rogers’ in the 25th Century (after discovering the 1979/1980 series remastered on BluRay, in which an older-yet-still-spunky Crabbe appears in one episode) I gleefully tracked down and consumed…

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Barbarella's Zero-Gravity Striptease
in 1960's

Barbarella’s Zero-G Striptease

Today’s post is dedicated to Barbarella’s zero-gravity striptease! It was the first zero-gravity striptease ever shown on film. And since it’s also the opening sequence of my favourite movie Barbarella (known in some releases as Barbarella: Queen of The Galaxy). I thought it would make an appropriate first post for my new blog. Welcome! Here are some 1960’s space boobs… This famous scene takes place inside the fur-lined cockpit of a really groovy spaceship, owned by 5- star double-rated Astro Navigatrix…

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